Underwriter Services Association

Your association benefits

The Underwriter Services Association in partnership with Wingspan now offers member benefits.

We're your one stop shop for financial and medical benefits, E&O insurance, discounts, and advice. And we’ll help you get more business too through our “Affiliated Partner” program in growing your opportunity zone! 

Membership Levels

Underwriter Services Association (USA) offers two membership levels:

  • Free: Get access to automated tax withholdings, bookkeeping, business banking and many other valuable services at no cost to you.

  • Premium: Get covered with benefits and support, look professional to clients with your underwriter services association emails.


Invoices, benefits, and bookkeeping for independent professionals, all in one place.

  • Supercharged invoicing - retainers, auto reminders & more
  • Easy subcontractor payments
  • Automated tax withholding and quarterly filings
  • Expense tracking
    Big company benefits for you and yours