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MountainCreek Solutions

MountainCreek Solutions

MountainCreek Solutions is a proven industry leader in Premium Audits and Loss Control Services. MountainCreek Solutions offers its physical audit and loss control services in all states east of the Mississippi River. We also provide phone and virtual audit and loss control services in all 50 states.  
Uniontown, Pennsylvania, United States Uniontown, Pennsylvania, United States

Company Information

Welcome to our Organization

At MountainCreek Solutions, you can count on us to provide our field staff with excellent customer service and prompt response time. Provide our team and our customers with quality deliverables, on-time deliveries, and professional communications, and we will strive to grow your business. We pride ourselves on making sure we establish strong relationships with our field force to build long-lasting relationships. MountainCreek Solutions uses our own propriety software that was developed from the ground up to allow for a streamlined efficient audit and loss control process delivery.

At MountainCreek Solutions, we are not just a vendor company and you are not just an independent worker but a partner in achieving each of our collective goals. We look forward to talking with you and discussing career opportunities.

Company History

MountainCreek Solutions was founded in August 2019 by the former owners of ISI Insurance Services.  Michael and Alan George have a combined 40 years of experience in the industry providing our customers with impeccable customer service.  Our expertise and attention to detail separate MountainCreek Solutions from the rest of the industry.

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