Midwest Technical Inspections

Midwest Technical Inspections

Mission Statement
Three overriding goals drive our company and define our corporate mission.
MTI will earn and maintain the reputation of being industry-leading Insurance services and Risk Control & Safety services company by providing superior quality, unsurpassed time service, and a consistent focus on delivering value and satisfaction to our clients. We are guided by our motto: "The Pyramid stands for Quality, Service, and You." By consistently concentrating on improving ourselves, our success will provide our clients with the excellence they expect. We are building a pyramid placing our customers on top. The capstone of all of our endeavors is their satisfaction. Without satisfied clients, there is no company.

MTI will strive to provide its employees with the best possible training, wages, and benefits. An educated and motivated staff will determine and chart the success of this operation. Our motto "The Pyramid stands for Quality, Service and You" applies to everyone. The "You" in our pledge not only applies to our clients but to all of us employed at Midwest Technical. The long-term success of any venture should not only be measured by financial gain but by the overall happiness, success, and career achievement of its team members.

MTI will always strive for long-term profitability; recognizing that without a profit margin, there can be no corporate mission.  
Hanover Park, Illinois, United States Hanover Park, Illinois, United States

Company Information

About Midwest Technical Inspections, Inc.:

Midwest Technical Inspections, established in 1988, is a privately owned company located in Hanover Park, IL. Our field services, available nationwide, range from property inspections on both residential and commercial buildings for insurance companies underwriting purposes, to insurance premium audits.

We have an on-site National Call Center, completing underwriting phone surveys of contractors, homeowners, auto owners and business owners.

Aside from MTI field inspections, premium audits and phone surveys, we offer loss control consulting services to private industries, government entities and insurance companies.

For more information visit our website at: http://mtinspections.com/

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